Accelerated Cell and Battery Testing

Digitalisation of battery testing,
from cell to system level

Advancing virtualization of battery testing to optimise battery design, cost and time-to-market


AccCellBaT is a European funded 3-year project aiming  to advance virtualization, front-loading, and continuous validation and verification (V&V) in future technology battery development to optimise battery design, cost, and time-to-market.

A process-and-method manual applicable for future battery development will be built. The development tool will  provide an integrated development environment for management, planning and execution of battery V&V.

To ensure validity and applicability of the AccCellBaT methodology across industries, the methodology is validated by two original equipment manufacturers (representing via automotive and stationary application a crucial share of the battery system market).

in Figures

10% progress
on the total project: AccCellBaT started in April 2023
4.980.428,75 €
funding from the European Commission in Horizon Europe program
11 partners
from Austria, Italy, Germany, France

kick-off meeting

The AccCellBaT kick-off meeting took place on 23rd – 24th of May in Graz, Austria. Read more about it.