GG Group

Gebauer & Griller Kabelwerke Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Wien, Austria
David Lukavsky –
Lukas Faksa – l.faksa@gg

Organisation Introduction

We, GG Group, are a global group of companies that have been producing high-quality cables, wires and harnesses for the automotive industry and various industrial sectors for more than 80 years. We focus on e-mobility, autonomous driving and digitalization, being important drivers of innovation and development in our industry. Cutting-edge technology is what GG is about and is a result of being a pioneer and innovator in energy and data transmission for many years.
Good is not enough for us. We strive for excellence in everything we do and are therefore not satisfied until we achieve the best. Together with our customers, we work with passion to develop innovative and intelligent solutions for their challenges.
Our success is based not only on providing high-quality products but also on our strong focus on everybody involved in this process. With around 4,000 employees at 13 locations worldwide, GG Group is one of Austria’s most successful family-owned industrial companies. Our R&D department employs over 40 researcher and engineers from different disciplines such as mechanical and process engineering, physics, chemistry, simulation, artificial intelligence and more. In the implementation of our projects, we rely on many different teams of highly qualified employees and our own specialized laboratories. In recent reasearch projects there has been a strong focus on reducing enviromental impacts.

Why: our participation to AccCellBaT

We strive to think be¬yond ex¬ist¬ing struc¬tures, an¬tic¬i¬pate fu¬ture needs and seek new so¬lu¬tions at all times. In AccCellBaT we work together with experts from all over Europe to improve virtual verification and validation methods for battery systems and push digitalization. It is the key to accelerate our processes and enhance our products. This way we will be able to reduce the time and resources spent during physical testing. Furthermore, this work on battery systems for automotive and stationary applications could also contribute to the transition away from fossil energy sources.

What: our objectives in AccCellBaT

Our focus is the wiring harness subsystem. It supplies the battery with energy while charging and routes the energy wherever it is needed during use. The wiring harness is the main interface between the battery and the rest of the electronic infrastructure. Through our participation in AccCellBaT we aim to study different ageing effects on our cables and harnesses to gain new insights and improve our lifetime predictions.


Leading through Passion in Energy & Data Transmission.