Objective 1: Substantially improved cell, battery sub-system and -system measuring and modelling.

Objective 2: Accelerated cross-sectorial battery system testing methodology for a development time reduction of 30% or better.

Objective 3: Advanced data provisioning and automation within the battery verification and validation process and demonstration in validation use cases.


Accelerating product development and product innovation in battery cells and systems is the key enabler for today’s significant market share of battery systems throughout many industries. Every product innovation must be verified and validated to be introduced in the market, finally generating value for the customer. Testing of battery cells and systems with innovative Li-Ion and post Li-Ion technologies generates the confidence required for introducing higher energy densities, better safety, and lower costs. In classical development (cf. Figure 1), testing happens only in late system development phases. This leads to high risk, because issues are identified late in development, leading to costly changes of the system, not meeting the scheduled market introduction, or not meeting the expected quality criteria. AccCellBaT will move beyond classical development and establish advanced battery development, as indicated in Figure 1.