Graz University of Technology
Graz, Austria
Matthias Bajzek –
Stefan Kollegger –

Organisation Introduction

The Institute of Machine Components and Methods of Development (IME) is part of Graz University of Technology. The institute has two main areas: machine components and methods of development. Both areas are active in higher education, research, and industrial application. Main research areas are systems development, systems engineering and model-based systems engineering in the automotive sector. In addition, IME has a strong cooperation with AVL List GmbH and created the AVL – TUG Transmission Center, a testing center, which is at the Campus of the university. E-axle verification, engine verification powered by synthetic fuels and much more are activities of the transmission center.

Why: our participation to AccCellBaT

Battery and its development is a key strategy to enable green mobility for the vehicle mass market. In comparison to the well-established development of internal combustion engine powered vehicles battery powered vehicles are relatively new and lack in experience and knowhow. This must be made up quickly. New and improved development processes and methods are keys to be successful in the battery market.

What: our objectives in AccCellBaT

IME contributes in creating system architecture models to get and keep an overview on the entire system. Furthermore, the system architecture models allow to structure all the further development activities well. In addition, IME contributes in identifying and documenting battery development processes and methods. With that done, all the processes and methods are connected in order to get an overview of the overall development approach and to accelerate the development process.


The availability of methods is key to success, but for that they have to be documented well.