VARTA Innovation GmbH
Graz, Austria
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Stefan Koller –

Organisation Introduction

VARTA Innovation GmbH (VI), with registered office in Graz (AUT), was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between VARTA Microbattery and Graz University of Technology (AUT). Within VARTA Innovation both, the industrial fabrication know how from VARTA Microbattery and the basic research know how from Graz University of Technology for various electrochemical energy storage systems were merged together. Today, VARTA Innovation is fully integrated as R&D centre within the VARTA Group with the main business purpose of development and validation of new material as well as process technologies and their transfer to the stage of industrial application. This work includes on the one hand the qualification of new material and process technologies, conceptualizing of implementation strategies and finally the demonstration within proof of concept prototypes.

Why: our participation to AccCellBaT

As an R&D center, VARTA Innovation always strives to accelerate or optimize the development of novel materials, technologies or processes. The AccCellBaT project allows us to accompany research on novel silicon-based cells by using “Digital Twin” concepts, and thereby helps to save time and resources in the development process.

What: our objectives in AccCellBaT

The main contribution of VARTA Innovation is the design, development and manufacturing of next-generation lithium-ion batteries based on silicon active material. In close cooperation with the consortium partners, VI will parametrize and characterize materials and electrodes in half- and full cells to establish a modelling framework and will finally deliver improved proof-of-concept prototypes in cylindrical cell format.


The expected results of AccCellBaT will strengthen our engineering activities on next-gen lithium-ion batteries and accelerate the optimization of VARTA cells towards specific applications or requirements.