Darmstadt, Germany
Sebastian Dörr –

Organisation Introduction

We Make Your Data Work – For over 15 years CONWEAVER has been the expert for automated data integration of value chains, life cycles, and organizations. During this time, we have accumulated several hundred years of project experience and developer know-how. This comprehensive expertise is reflected in our efficient and high-quality solutions, with which we have contributed significantly to the success of numerous well-known companies in the automotive, mechanical, and plant engineering, transport and logistics, and manufacturing industries.

The fastest way to create scalable solutions – Linksphere is a low-code platform for creating industrial Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKG), graph-based applications and for providing linked data to further visualization and analytics tools. In this way, data distributed in heterogeneous data silos is linked in the shortest possible time, integrated into its context and made usable for man and machine alike. This makes complex business dependencies transparent, automates processes, minimizes risks and realizes new digital business models.

Why: our participation to AccCellBaT

Several disciplines, domains and multiple enterprises are involved in the overall end-to-end product lifecycle (ideation, development, design, verification & validation, integration, etc.). Especially in the first half of the lifecycle time consuming efforts with many iterations are needed to come up with the best final solution to then be produced and made available for the market.

Participants of these process stages need to request for data and information from other participants and incorporate these into their tasks. Complexity of the product increases. Mechanical, electrical and software Domains need to collaborate with new methods and processes to drastically shorten the timeframe needed today to be faster to market.

New collaboration methods and tools (inside as well as cross enterprise) are needed to support these challenges and allow the following process stages (integration, production planning, production as well as operation) making use of these data and knowledge as well.

So a real end-to-end collaboration needs to be established to achieve the primary goal of AccCellBaT.

What: our objectives in AccCellBaT

CONWEAVER intends to explore how the linked data approaches can provide contextual data for models and digital twins to accelerate product development processes in the manufacturing industry compared to former disjoint and heterogeneous data in traditional PLM system approaches, which inhibit cross-discipline collaboration and data connectivity. With the experience and expertise of the consortium, the partners will overcome current architectural gaps concerning processes and tools to allow new streamlined what we call: “Connected System Development” in a cross-functional engineering collaboration. CW further intends to build on the results expanding its product capabilities to natively support model-driven lifecycles. The results have a direct impact on the product portfolio and can be directly linked to further products generating turn-over.


Providing cross domain, cross discipline as well as cross enterprise meaning cross lifecycle data and contextualized information at the right time for the right contributors at any stage of the process with one mouse click is essential to reduce and support information retrieval and with that easily allow frontloading and shorter time to market.